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Used Rail Scrap R50 – R65

Used Rail Scrap Supplier R50 – R65 For Sale. The chemical composition is the standard for original R-50 R-65 Tee rails weighing 50 pounds per yard or more, 6 meters long and length customize as per customer requirement. Used Rail Scrap Supplier R50 – R65 For Sale.

Quality Used Rail Scrap Supplier R50 – R65
The quality of the Goods delivered under this agreement shall meet the specificationindicated BELOW (‘Annex A’) – SPECIFICATIONS AND PROPERTIESSpecification and Chemical Composition

Second quality used railway


Rail steel No.01 Standard Section Tee rails, original weight 50 pounds per yard, over heavier,

12.50M rails.

Steel No.02 Cropped rail ends, Standard Section, original weight 50 pounds per yard and over

12.50 M long.

28B) (28C) Rail


– Steel No.2 T-Rail ends Standard Section

– Original weight 50 pounds per yard and over 12.50 per yard and over 12.50 meters

Rail, Steel No.03, Standard Section fee, Gender, and/or guard rails, free from frog and switch

Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 For Sale, not cut apart, and contain no Manganese, Cast, Welds or Attachment any kind except

angle parts. Also, rails scrap materials not found and without radiation and explosive substance.

*(R50/R65) Chemical composition shall be according to:


R50 GOST 7173.75 WEIGHT 51.67 KG/METER

Mn: 0.60% – 1.05%

C: 0.54 – 0.82%

Si: 0.18% – 0.40%

S: 0.04% – Max

P: 0.035% Max of mass share

AS: 0.01 Mix of max share


R65 GOST 8156.75 WEIGHT 64,72 KG/METER

C: 0.54%_0.82%

Si: 0.18%_0.40%

Mn: 0.60%_1.05%

S: 0.04%_Max

P: 0.035% Max of mass share

AS: 0.01 Mix of max share

Size & Weight:

Length: 12meter ~ 12.5meter Maximum or less according to buyer’s instruction;

Width: 5.5 inches; Weight: 64.72Kg. No fish-plates or steel pieces or bolts are attached to the used rails. All rails are clean and straight. No pitting. Only atmospheric rust. No heavy rust. It is mandatory that Rails must be cut into length 1.2 meter (max.) before shipment. Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 For Sale.

  1. Packing Used Rail Scrap Supplier R50 – R65 For Sale: Container or Bulk Shipment.
  2. Inspection: Inspection will be carried out by SGS or any reputed inspection agency for quality and quantity/weights at the load port. A certificate issued by the inspecting agency will form part of documents along with B/L, Invoice etc. Also cargo inspection by SGS or a reputed inspection agency will be carried out at the destination port on arrival and a report to the effect will be issued.

We engage in metal materials, copper wire metal products, steel products, i.e. ferrosilicon, titanium iron, silicon ferrozirconium, ferrovanadium, ferrowolfranium, mg-ferrosilicon-rare-earth alloy, ferromolybdenum, ferrochromium products, ferromanganese products; non-ferrous metal products, i.e. stibium ingot, silicon-calcium, silicon manganese, zinc-alum alloy, zinc ingot, lead ingot, chrome powder, magnesium ingot, aluminium ingot/ coil/ can/ scrap, copper ingot/wire/ sheet/ scrap, Plastic and Polymer Scrap, Plastic Raw Material Granules, Rubber Scrap, Paper Scrap, etc. Used Rail Scrap Supplier R50 – R65 For Sale.

54 reviews for Used Rail Scrap R50 – R65 In Bulk

  1. Mr. Ephrem Rodrigues

    We need 50 M Ton of Rail track R50 – R65. please send us your best offer.
    SGS inspection at sight on your expense.
    Shall look forward for your reply at the earliest.

  2. Munazza Zia Baqai

    We need 500 Metric Ton. Please send us your best offer.

  3. William Tan

    Used rail scrap to China

  4. Ivan Chang

    Can you export to China? Please send us your offer, thanks.

    • lansgrupo

      Yes we can

  5. Fisal Haji Mohamad

    Please send me your products specifications and price list

  6. Mohd


    I need to contact you by email. So please kindly let me know your business email


  7. Le quang que

    5000 ton rails used arrived yantai port , china . Thanks so much

  8. jose sancho

    Necesito precio para 100.000 toneladas mes contrato a 2 años, precio Cif puero chino y comisiones.

  9. Henry Yabatv

    Give us availability , quot and term and conditions of contact.(FOB or CIF)

  10. Richard M

    Interesado en el producto, necesito 100Mil Ton. Me puede contactar por Email porfavor?

  11. عواد ابو عليان

    سكك قضبان تصدير مهما كانت الكميه

  12. Liubov , Sayed

    Добрый день, нам нужно лом рельсовый R50, R60, R65 в страны :
    Пакистан- 1млн.метрических тонн
    Египет. – 500 тысяч метрических тонн
    Ливия. -500 тысяч метрических тонн
    По контракту Cif

  13. Liubov , Sayed

    Добрый день, нам нужно лом рельсовый R50, R60, R65 в страны :
    Пакистан- 1млн.метрических тонн/год
    Египет. – 500 тысяч метрических тонн/год
    Ливия. -500 тысяч метрических тонн/год
    По контракту Cif

  14. Jayanna pm

    Am jayanna pm from India we are interested in used rail 5 lakh MT CIF india port confirmation will be desired later price should be 180 USD per MT CIF india,
    JAYANNA pm

  15. Marco Augustin

    Guten Tag,

    wir benötigen Schienenschrott bitte melden Sie sich.

    Vielen Dank

  16. Hesham

    السلام عليكم
    متوفر لدي تقريبا 3 مليون طن حديد قضبان R65 للبيع
    ويمكن الشحن الدولي ايضا

  17. Hercilio Alberto

    Tenho o sucata de ferrovia em Moçambique pronto para exportar para China interessado pode entrar em

  18. احمد

    بغيت ٥ مليون طن لو سمحت اتواصل معاي

  19. Ahmet,kücükkara

    Vorhandene Menge, Labor werte und Preise fehlen.


    looking for used rails
    100000 tons per month
    Annual contract
    origin RUSSIAN/KSA/Other
    $200 PER MT

  21. Alex Tan

    Good Day!

    Please send me a quote for 50,000MT CIF China.

    Thank You!

  22. Humberto Lecuona

    Please quote 12 monthly shipments of 150.000Tm each of USED RAILS R50 – R65 for total of 1.800.000 Tm Contract please quote CIF port of Santa Marta, Colombia in open containers if possible. We are RWA

  23. Regino Alvarez Alvarez

    Solicito 24.000.000 MT R50/R65 durante 2 años, favor enviar cotización y disponiblidad, es URGENTE

  24. Arden Chen

    We have China and Korea buyer looking for USED RAIL

  25. Fonkou Boris

    J’aimerais signer un contrat de 2 millions l’année, pour la Chine contacter moi par e-mail avec votre cotation

  26. Tati

    Wir brauchen 12.000 Mt für indonesien
    Wie können wir ins Geschäft kommen
    Wir hätten gern aus eropa haben

    Vielen Dank

  27. Mohammad Alsaraireh

    We have buyer is ready to purchase the used railway ,type RS 50 -RS 56
    The quantity is 1million ton monthly
    Final destination is turkey or china.
    Price is best competitive price.

  28. Kuldeep Garg

    100 MT for initial order received. We have another requirement of 2000 MT every month used rails.

  29. fentauyun

    1000mt trial shipment arrived china port

  30. James Ryu

    Thanks for providing us used rail. Best Regards. James Ryu

  31. Carmen Liliana Sanchez Castillo

    Requiero cotización para 30 millones de toneladas puesta CIF china.
    A nombre de
    Alianza Estrategica Internacional
    Carmen Liliana
    Sánchez Castillo
    Gerente de negocios Internacionales.

  32. Virgilio Cuesta

    Me gustaria contactarlos porfavor si me pueden suplir algun numero para comunicarme con ustedes les estaria sumamente agradecidos….. Gracias por su atención

    Atte: Virgilio Cuesta

  33. Pedro

    Good morning, 50,000 tons of used iron rails well received.

  34. Gehad younes

    اريد مليون طن و اكثر. ارجو التواصل معي للاهميه و شكرا

  35. Amjad askar

    Interested in FMS1/2 , R50-65

  36. Amjad askar

    Also interested in Sunflower OIL , Milk Powder,

  37. Amjad askar

    Interested in Sunflower OIL , Milk Powder,
    HMS1/2 , Rail Track R50/65

  38. رائد الخطيب

    مطلوب سكك حديد سكراب الي تركيا بكميه كبيره بعقد سنوي
    250الف طن شهري
    السعر 170$ للطن
    رجاء إرسال السعر النهائي واصل الي تركيا شامل العمولة

  39. Milan

    Abbiamo bisogno 50.000 tonnellate di rotaie in ferro usate per la Serbia RS50-RS56
    Il miglior prezzo competitivo!

  40. James Lee

    I need your prompt reply
    1000 MT for initial order.
    and 2000 MT every month used rails.


  41. Jitendra

    5000 mt need
    Quote your best

  42. zeeshanyameen

    Nice sharing.

  43. Alejandro Rms

    Buen dia, riel usado 115lb/yd, 411 toneladas me podria enviar cotizacion porfavor.

  44. Adrian Ramirez

    I need 2000MT of used rail scrap a month for 20 months, starting off!

  45. Motasem salameh

    You have a good day. Thank you very much.

  46. Sophia

    Do you export R50 to Taiwan? Could you quote MOQ?

  47. جابر 96560422951 واتساب مليون طن

    مطلوب مليون طن واتساب ٩٦٥٦٠٤٢٢٩٥١

  48. Gideon Maina

    Kindly send a quote for 400 MT

  49. Denis

    Напишите цену лома за тонну с доставкой порт балтимор

  50. جابر المطر

    الى جميع المهتمين يوجد قضبان حديد سكك سكراب اتصال واتساب

  51. Carlos solis

    Interesado en 30.000 TM. Bb ustedes están en capacidad de suministrarla es para exportación y necesitaríamos nos indicara cual es el puerto más cercano

  52. Max C Murillo

    El precio de usd $235 es puesto en el país requerido?
    Este precio es más iva más impuestos, ó es neto más iva?
    Le pido con toda atención me pueda cotizar mínimo 30’000 TM a 100’000 TM mensuales por año.
    Tiempo de entrega en México?
    Quedo a su amable respuesta

  53. Pratik Tambe

    Need Rail scrap of around 1 million MT please revert me as soon as possible on my mail or wats app.

  54. Michael McDonald

    Need 500,000-1,000,000 MT of rail scrap

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