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Scrap Materials For Sale

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Scrap Materials For Sale. Buy Plastic and Metal Scrap wholesale. We offer competitive prices scrap plastic, including all types of Scrap Materials.

Scrap Materials Wholesale

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online. Scrap consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials. Unlike waste, scrap has monetary value, especially recovered metals, and non-metallic materials are also recovered for recycling.

Copper Wire Scrap For sale

copper wire scrap 99.9% purity scrap millberry Buy Copper Wire Scrap for best price at USD 1000 - USD 1100 / Metric Ton

Element Copper 99.90% (min)
Lead 0.005% (max)
Bismuth 0.03% (max)
Total Impurities 0.03% (max)
Excluding Ag & Oxygen
Standard confirming to : (C11000(ETP) Content 99.90%)

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

PET Flakes

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

PET bottle flakes recycling system
Top one in recycling field
CE certificated
Automatical Machine

This PET Bottle recycling line is used for crushing, washing and drying the PET and PVC bottles.
Plastic Recycling Machine//Plastic recycling machinery/Pet bottle recycling line/Pet recycling plant/Pet washing plant/Pet washing line/Plastic washing machine/Pet bottle washing line/Pet bottle washing machine/Pet bottle recycling equipment/ Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

A. Features and application:
1. PET Bottle washing line is used to crush, wash, dewater and dry PET and PVC Bottles.
2. It takes the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, high capacity, low energy consumption, safety, reliability, etc.
3. The Crusher and Label remover are the most important parts in this line, if you want to know more, welcome you to contact us by telephone or emails, we will provide you the detailed information.
4. The Label remove ratio for virgin bottles: ≥95%, for used bottles: ≥90%, and cap remove ratio: >70%, the label remover can be used for PET, PP, PE and PVC bottles.

B. Features:
1. Recycled material: Impurity content ≤0.1%; Moisture content≤5%
2. Production Capacity: 300-2000Kg/h ( But if lower than 500Kg/h, there will be no label remover machine, as the lowest capacity for label remover is 500Kg/h.).
3. Note: We can design the machines exactly according to Customers’ requirments. If want to know the details for this machine, just feel free to contact us, send us your inquiry.

Aluminum Wire Scrap

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

Type: Aluminum Tense Weight: 50kg/balev Al Content: 99%
Packaging Detail: 1-Compressed into rectangular block 2-50kgs/bag,1000kgs/bag 3-50kgs/bale,50kgs/bundle 4-in bulk 5-20mt/20’fcl,25mt/40’fcl
Aluminum scrap
Aluminum wire scrap
Aluminum scrap UBC
Aluminum wheel scrap

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

Battery Scrap

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

Type: Dry Charged Battery
Capacity: 30 – 50AH,50AH
Size: 260*170*200*220mm
name: 12v 50ah lead acid battery
CCA(Ah): 400
Standard: JIS
12 volt battery charger: blue
Supply Ability: 12000Pcs/Month
Port: Guangzhou,China
Packaging: Cartons and Pallets
Packaging Details: cartons & pallets
Application: Starting battery for cars, bu

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

AC & Fridge Compressor Scrap

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

Weight: 8kg-10kg
Grade: LMS
Type: Accessories
quality: good
Packaging Detail: All in a 40feet container

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online
Selling Used rails of Saudi Arabia origin London United Kingdom

Type: Heavy Rail
Application: Railway Rail
Weight: 8-120kg
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Bolt Hole Diameter: 22mm 24mm or as your requirement
Material: U71Mn,U71Mnx,U75Vx
Color: nature or customized
Usage: Heavy Rails Track
Area:: 49.5,,77.45
Service:: Best price and top quality
Size:: As your drawing
Technique:: Hot Rolled
Market:: Woldwide
Price:: Competitive

Scrap Materials Wholesale.

Plastic Scrap

What Counts as Plastic Waste?

Type: Plastic Scrape
PP scrap cold coffee cup. Washed and Cleaned in bale ready to sell
Scrap Size : 1-4 cm
Bale: 25 kg / bag
Packaging Detail: Bale : 1 bag/ 25kg


Scrap Materials Wholesale Online

Iron Scrap

Type: HMS 1&2 (80:20)
Fe Content: 0
Weight: 0
Fe Content (%): 0
Packaging Detail: 20′ Containerized Packing – loose


Aluminum Ingot

Grade: 2000 Series
Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Chemical Composition: 99.70
Weight: 2mt
Al (Min): 99.70%


Lead Ingot

Weight: 25KG/ ingot
Dimensions: 99.99%
Pb (Min): 99.94%
Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Packaging Detail: 1MT/pallet, or as customer’s requirements..

Scrap Materials Wholesale Online


Copper Cathode

Weight: 105Kg (±1%)
Dimensions: 914mm x 914mm x 12mm
Grade: Copper Cathode
Cu (Min): 99.99
Packaging Detail: Palletized, Aluminum bands


Paper Scrap

We can offer all kinds of paper waste or paper scrap in any quantity, Kindly contact with your e-mail address for details.

We can offer in any quantity all kinds of paper waste or paper scrap:

OCC (Old Corrugates Cartons)
ONP (Old Newspaper)
OINP (Over Issued Newspaper)
OMG (Old Magazines)
OIMG (Over Issued Magazines)
OYP (Old Yellow Pages)
OIYP (Over Issued Yellow Pages)


Motherboard Scrap

Products Status: Stock,Used
Application: Other
Chipset Manufacturer: Other
Socket Type: Other
Form Factor: Other
Memory Type: Other
Graphics Card Type: Other
Hard Drive Interface: Other
Condition: Scrap

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