Rice DDGS Feed and Corn DDGS

Type: Grain
Variety: Rice DDGS
Use: Cattle,Chicken,Fish,Pig
Moisture (%): less than 10 %
Packaging: 50 kg hd pp bags 1000 kg PP bag


Rice DDGS Feed

Rice DDGS Feed Wholesale. We supply premium quality Rice DDGS. We have been supplying to leading feed manufacturers worldwide. As a new raw material of nutrient fodder, It is suitable to feed poultry, livestock, aquatic animals and special animals. It often replaces soybean meal and fish meal in poultry and aquatic animals’ fodder of with maximunadmixing proportion of 30% and can feed ruminants directly. The energy and nutrient goods in DDGS are obvious higher than DDS feed.

When our rice DDGS is added to properly formulated feeds, it results in:

  • Excellent animal health
  • Performance
  • Food product quality.
  • Lower ration cost.

Quality Specification of Rice DDGS Feed Wholesale

Sand Sillica2-3%
Energy3250 Kcal/Kg
ApperancePowder / Granuler

Quality Specification of Maize DDGS / Corn DDGS

Sand Sillica2-3%
Energy3810 Kcal/Kg
ApperancePowder / Granuler


Packaging Details: 50 Kg HDPE bags or 1000 kg PP bag

Rice DDGS is a byproduct of Distilleries which produce Ethanol. Ethanol is a base product to produce any type of Liquor/Whisky. Now a days most of the distilleries are producing Ethanol from grains: it may be from rice, corn or wheat. Recent record high feed ingredient prices around the world have caused animal nutritionists to search for lower cost alternative feed ingredients to minimize the cost of food animal production.

The high energy, protein, and phosphorus content of Rice DDGS make it a very attractive partial replacement for some of the more expensive traditional energy (corn), protein (soybean meal), and phosphorus (mono- or dicalcium phosphate) ingredients used in animal feeds. When DDGS is added to animal feeds that are properly formulated, it provides excellent animal health, performance, and food product quality. These attributes, and others, have made Rice DDGS one of the most popular feed ingredients to use in animal feeds around the world.


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