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Red Bull Blue Edition, Blueberry Energy Drink

Piece250 ml
Pieces Per Box24
Boxes Per Pallet108
Pieces Per Pallet2592

Red Bull Blue Edition

Red Bull Blue Edition Wholesale. Blueberry Energy Drink is the least favorite of the three new Red Bulls, the blueberry energy drink had very little our tasters found redeeming. Overall score: 2/10 — The only reason this got any points at all was because of the delicious smell it produced. The main ingredients in a can of Red Bull are taurine, caffeine, sugar and glucose syrup, and the unique flavor profile of the drink makes it different from other energy drinks which contain similar ingredients.

Average nutritional values per:
100 ml
195 Kj 46 kcal
0 g
Saturated fat
0 g
11 g
Of which sugars
11 g
0 g
0,1 g

What’s Inside the Can of Red Bull Blue Edition;

Caffeine: Caffeine has already been known for its stimulating effects on the human body by ancient civilizations who consumed it from natural sources like tea, coffee, cacao beans, and cola nuts. Red Bull Blue Edition For Sale.

Taurine: Taurine is an amino acid, naturally occurring in the human body and present in the daily diet. It’s involved in a wide range of biological processes.

B-group vitamins: Vitamins are essential micronutrients that are required for maintaining normal body functions. B-group vitamins play an important role in energy metabolism, such as the build-up and break-down of carbohydrates and protein.

Sugars: Red Bull Energy Drink is made with real sugars. Sugars are well-known carbohydrates and can be found in many foodstuffs from fruits and fruit juices to other beverages including energy drinks.

Red Bull is very aware of its environmental responsibility and is constantly striving for improvement. Red Bull has made a conscious decision to use 100% recyclable aluminum cans, and they developed their environmentally friendly Red Bull Coolers which use up to 45% less energy than conventional fridges.

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