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Pure Gold Bars & Nuggets

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Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online. Raw gold is any gold alloy in its natural state. Gold nuggets, gold flakes and gold dust are types of raw gold.

Pure Gold Bars

Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online. Buy Raw Gold Nuggets & Gold Bars. 6% -98.9% purity Gold Nuggets And Gold Bars for Sale – Natural and raw gold nuggets for sale. Gold nuggets for sale price $28 per gram ($28000.00 per kilo!),

For and on behalf of the Local Mining community in DRC Congo I hereby confirm the availability of the below stated quantity and purity of Au Gold. Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online.

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5 Gram Gold Bars
10 Gram Gold Bars
1 Tola Gold Bars
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Price Au Gold Nuggets: $ 58, 500 USD/KG

Price Au Gold Bars: $ 60, 000 USD/KG

Minimum quantity: 1 kgs

Maximum Quantity: 200 kgs .


COMMODITY: Aurum Utalium (AU)

FORM: Alluvial Gold NUGGET.

PURITY: 97.07% or better

FINENESS: 23 carats plus.

ORIGIN: Congo / Cameroon


COMMODITY: Aurum Utalium (AU)

FORM: Alluvial Gold Bars.

PURITY:  98.9% or better

FINENESS:  24 carats .

ORIGIN:  Congo / Cameroon


What quantity do you want to start with ? Provide us with POF and your Letter of Intend.

Full Corporate Offer – FCO for real end buyer. Pure Gold Gold Bars Supplier Online.

Note: Seller offer to real buyer free visa as invitee we don’t deal with buyer on the ground because before buyer come to us we must authenticate buyers capability. Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online.

Buyer must be invited base on his L.O.I- letter of intent to purchase from us to validate the standard of the buyer.

Buyer must meet the procedures with proof of fund stating buyers bank statement and that buyer has the capability to pay the requirement.

We don’t ask upfront fee, you test the gold after the result of the testing into local refinery then you release the payment bank to bank or cash.

Buyers deposits a partial payment after assay at local refinery. Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online.

Balance payment after final assay and seller will fly 3 week after and both parties present to witness during final assay.

Turkey Government have past a bill urging gold seller must declare to their government product has been paid for before leaving the country.

We are rightful owner of this 300 kilo+ of gold bar and gold nuggets subject to this declaration.

Being the owner of this 300 kilos of gold bar and gold nugget seller have the right to sale and export product within and outside Kenya.

We are legally registered under the rules of the stipulate by the Mineral Commission of Turkey, that our gold has no criminal attachment and be sold to any buyer of any choice around the world.  Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online.

We only deal with potential buyer, we don’t deal with buyer who have no available cash or buying gold in credit.

We doesn’t take gold to any destination until gold is properly tested with full export documentation stating that buyer have paid for the gold.

Our business is real therefore buyer must be also real and have available cash to pay.

We only deal with buyers with full invitation by us stating he is real buyer and ready to secure supply from us.

Price LME ( London Metal Exchange ) Tax Inclusive less discount 10% we have room for negotiation if we see you are real end buyer.

When you re-sale to your own buyer still you get profit because of the additional 300 grams on each bar . Raw Gold Nuggets.

Buyer would not pay any taxes just pay the gold. We don’t deliver until we see buyer is true buyer, and full guarantee that buyer is capable to pay what he is buying. Pure Gold Bars and Ceramic CPU Scrap.

For example if you secure 10 kilos you pay 4 kilos and its yours, 6 kilos you pay after final assay at your refinery of destination or you pay cash for everything if you are satisfied with local assey.


Buyer and seller will travel together or seller travel after buyer hand carry the 4 kilos which is belong to buyer, the rest seller will also hand carry with separate export documentation. Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online.

Being the applicant buyer pay for the cost on the assay $50.00 per kilo and to melt $100.00 per kilo.

Seller only shows up with his gold until seller knows who is the main buyer, and have formal contract prior for assay.

Seller only willing to deal to any local refinery in Turkey after our validation that buyer is genuine and capable.

We are here for long term business not short term business.

This is Restricted chemical/ impurity need to be remove from initial assay to final assay:

Iron: 2.00%

Zinc: 5.00%

Lead: 5.00%

Nickel: 2.00%

Bismuth: 0.50%

Mercury: 0.50%

Arsenic: 0.20%

Beryllium: 0.20%

Cadmium: 0.50%

Antimony: 0.50%

This exclusive Full Corporate Offer very simple and easy procedure to follow if you are real end buyer. Or if you don’t want to visit seller ,, seller can organize for the gold to be ship to end buyer if buyer is ready to negotiation. Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online,

This extensive Full Corporate Offer very simple and easy procedure to follow if you are real end buyer.

1.) Contract must be sign either online or face to face prior to proceed with the assay.

2.) Seller can choose any government refinery choice, buyer has to convince the seller that buyer has financial capacity to pay . Proof of fund either bank statement that buyer capable to pay what he intend to secure.

3.) After the assay report at the local refinery then buyer release the payment as partial payment to secure all documentation out of gold as collateral belong to the buyer .

Buyer would own 4 kilos or 6 kg with separates export documentation for him to feel comfortable but if buyer is satisfied after assay report we give proposal for the buyer to pay complete amount and take the gold along. Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online.

4.) Balance of kilos seller will bring, together with the buyer to his refinery destination. Raw Gold Gold Bars Supplier Online.

Payment within 48 hours bank to bank base on the contract or cash after assay at seller local refinery. Buyer must specify his refinery destination, address for seller to verify before departing to make sure buyer would not default the payment.

5.) After your trail shipment you may then increase your order. Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online.

First trail very crucial for buyer to convince us, how he is going to pay for our gold. We have enough stock but we want buyer to start trail to test before you increase for next shipment.

Following document you need after you pay for the deposit after result of the initial assay:

1.) Signed Commercial Invoice

( Pre-invoice would be given for you before you travel for you to be prepared what amount you are going to pay)

2.) Certificate of ownership

3.) Assay report from local refinery before gold leave the country gold need to have initial assay to find out the purity and it would appear on all documentation. Pure Gold Bars Supplier Online.

4.) Certificate of insurance buyer pay for the insurance ( when the gold ship direct to your refinery as consignee)

5.) Certificate of origin

6.) Air-way Bill ( only if you ship the gold)

7.) Custom clearance Certificate etc./certificate of movement etc.

8.) Packing list

If you are ready to do business with us then you have to follow our terms.

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