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Monster Energy Drink 250ml

Monster Energy Drink 250ml Classic in cans ready to load in our warehouse. Monster Energy is an energy drink that was created by Hansen Natural Company in April 2002. As of March 2019, Monster Energy had a 35% share of the energy drink market, the second highest share after Red Bull.

Logistic: 24 cans in case;
– 24 cans in each tray
– 108 Trays in each pallet
– 26 pallets (2808 trays) / 20ft container
– 32 pallets (3456 trays) / 40ft container


Type Energy Drink
Size 250ml x 24
Origin USA
Allergy None
Brand Monster Energy
Weight 6.5kg

Delivery Term: CIF;CNF

We offer stickering service in various languages. Available in cans and bottle (250ml, 330 ml & 500 ml) . Ready for international shipping with best offered price.

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Please send us an email for more details, you buy Monster Energy Drink 250ml directly from the supplier and benefit from wholesale prices.

-Monster Energy Drink 500mL 24 PACK
-Monster Energy Zero Ultra 500mL 24 PACK
-Mother Energy Drink Original 500mL 24 PACK
-Mother Energy Drink Sugar Free 500ML 24 PACK

While energy drinks may seem like a quick fix for fatigue, the short- and long-term effects of drinking them outweigh the benefits. Energy drinks have been linked to obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular issues. A single energy drink can contain more sugar and caffeine than you should have in a day.

11 reviews for Monster Energy Drink 250ml (Pack Of 24)

  1. Schoaib Cola Qanawizian

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    i am kindly intressted to buy.

    Please contact me.

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    Schoaib Qanawizian

  2. mukesh bhatija

    would love to know tge price of each case os 24please asap

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  6. Махендирараса Пуспокантан

    Добрый день. Нас интересует прайс на вашу продукцию особенно Red Bull и monster. Мы находимся в Париже.

  7. Constantino

    Estoy interesado en el producto.
    Realizo una compra semanal de 64 pallets

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    Perfavore contattami.

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    Estoy interesado
    Me gustaría saber el precio de la bandeja de 24 a peso colombiano

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