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Corn Grits

Price Corn Grits: US $325.00 / Ton

Corn/Maize is used for both human consumption as well as animal feed, and other corn products like Maize Grits, Corn Flour(Maize), Cornmeal. Buy Corn Grits Wholesale.

General Corn Grits speicification

Corn Grits

Corn Grits For Sale. The coarsest of mill granulation, Degermed corn grits are generated from the hardest portions of the corn and contain no chemicals or preservatives. This grits are used for production of extruded snacks. They can be used in applications ranging from ready to eat cereals to brewing adjuncts and per foods. Also, utilized in pizza and bakery products.

We capable of producing customized products to meet your requirements. Consequently we can design new products or modify the existing ones. We can constant communication with our customers on regular basis for any changes or improvisations in the existing products as well as their new requirement. Corn Grits Wholesale Supplier Online.

Our entire product range is in compliance with set quality standards and guidelines and is safe to consume and have long shelf life. These products have high nutritional value and are available with most affordable rates. Furthermore, we offer them in hygienic packaging. Buy Corn Grits Wholesale.


Being in heart of Turkey’s best corn raw material market and to add to that being the leader in this market for trading maize products, we pose ourselves as a reliable partner with close ties to our clients and farmers who produce the best quality corn(maize). Our prices are most competitive in the market and we can prove to be your long term reliable source for supplying corn.

Maize is used for both human consumption as well as animal feed, and other corn products like Maize/Corn Grits, Corn Flour(Maize), Cornmeal, DDGS Rice Grits, Rice Flour, Bengal Gram Grits, Bengal Gram Flour(Besan), Masa flour, Maize Grits, Maize Flour and other products which serves as a raw material to major snack industry, which the world use to provide wholesome food and a better life to millions of people around the globe. Buy Maize Grits Wholesale.

Standard Specification of Maize Grit: General Buy Corn Grits Wholesale

1.DescriptionFREE FLOW
3.Particle size in ASTMMinMax
4.Black ParticleMax 12 per sq inch
5.Packing50Kg Laminated HDPE Bags

Container of Maize/ BUy Maize Grits Wholesale:

Type Of ContainerQuantity


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