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Brazilian White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45

(23 customer reviews)

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Brazilian White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45 to meet the exact demands of our esteemed customers. Brazilian White Refined Cane Sugar We offer all types and best quality of Sugar (ICUMSA 45, 100, 150 and others).

Brazilian White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45

Brazilian White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45 For Sale. ICUMSA-45 Sugar is a most Highly Refined form of Sugar. ICUMSA-45 Sugar has a Sparkling White Color, and is the type most often sold direct to Consumers. It is suitable for Human Consumption and use in a wide range of Food applications. It is perpetually in High demand as it is the safest form of Sugar, due to the fact that the refining process by which it is created removes the Bacteria and Contaminants often present in raw sugars.

Specifications of ICUMSA-45 White Refined Sugar of Brazil Origin are mentioned below:

Specifications of White REFINED SUGAR – ICUMSA 45

ICUMSA45 RBU ICUMSA Attenuation index units Method # 10-1978
Ash content0.04% Maximum by Weight
Moisture0.04% Maximum by Weight
Magnetic Particlesmg/kg 4
Solubility100% DRY & Free Flowing
GranulationFine Standard Brazilian White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45
Polarization99.80° Minimum
Max AS1 P.P.M.
Max OS2 P.P.M.
Max CU3 P.P.M.
ColourSparkling White
RadiationNormal w/o presence of cesium or iodine SO2: Certified
SubstanceSolid, Crystal
SmellFree of any Smell
CropRecent Crop

CIF ASWP FFDLC Covering Entire contract value


$530 – 100 Tons & above

$500 – 500 Tons & above

$450 – 500 Tons & above

$400 – 1000 Tons & above

$350 – 3000 Tons & above

Product Available: 10,000,000 MT

We offer a premium quality White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45 Wholesale to meet the exact demands of our esteemed customers. The Sugar offered by us is known for its purity, and great crystalline shape. To keep it safe and to deliver it on time, we store Sugar in our sophisticated warehouse. Further more, to keep it away from impurities, we provide it in quality and hygienic packaging.

Brazilian White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45 and Sunflower Oil for sale, refined corn oil, vegetable cooking oil,
We offer all types and best quality of Sugar (ICUMSA 45, 100, 150 and others) from Brazil, Thailand, Pakistan, India and all over the world.


23 reviews for Brazilian White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45

  1. Nancy Yaacoub

    Dear seller,
    i am a wholesaler from Lebanon l, i am intrested of importing sugar & other products as well. Thank you for sending me the process we can follow…

  2. Sona

    we need 100,000 sugar for delivery to Beirut every month, for 1 year contract.
    tell the cost in Beyrut

  3. Jaime Gouveia

    Dear Sirs

    Pleasesend us quotation for 540 MT of ICUMSA 45 sugar.

    Contact me on +244945141212
    Jaime Gouveia

  4. Harry

    Dear Sir,

    We are india based company and we require sugar or icumsa 45 / 100 / 150 for our home consumption.

    Kindly let us know the best rates for Mundra port cnf for 3 FCL and oblige.

    Best Regards,



    12.500 Mt x 12 month


  6. Xin Yuan Ming Int’L Trading (HK)Co Ltd – GARY TON

    Dear Sir,

    Nice to know you and my name is Gary Ton, I am writing from Xin Yuan Ming Int’L Trading (HK) Co Ltd.

    We are an international trading company in Hong Kong here, and now we are interested in purchasing White Sugar from oversea.

    So could you please send us your Best Quote as FOB price by return? And please help to quote back to me based on your MOQ

    Thanks for your attention paid, and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Best Regards
    Gary Ton
    Xin Yuan Ming Int’L Trading (HK) Co Ltd.

  7. Xin Yuan Ming Int’L Trading (HK)Co Ltd – GARY TON


  8. Emmanuel Gaini

    Dear Sir,
    we are looking for Icumsa 45 sugar for container load booking can u help us, please.
    Destination: Haifa port Israel ( 1 x 20ft ) immediate booking
    Destination: Guanata port Venezuela – 4 x 20ft container booking with 1kg retail customized packing.
    The above both the shipments are trail shipment later we require to supply 500 and 800mt respectively to both the ports’ monthly contract.
    I know you will be doing big shipload bookings but if you can help us to forward to a small trader who can support us – or you can share the contacts we will coordinate.
    Rgds / Emmanuel ,

  9. Ninshid

    Dear Seller,

    We need to have 600,000MT WHITE REFINED CANE SUGAR ICUMSA 45, Origin Brazil. We would like to have 50,000MT on every month with 12 months contract. So, that will a regular order.

    I’m wondering if you are able to export to UAE.

    Would be great if you can send the process we can follow…


  10. Nguyễn Tram Anh

    I want to buy sugar icumsa 45 200.000MT per month

  11. عبد العزيز

    السلام عليكم،
    محتاجين ١٠٠ الف طن من السكر 45 كريستال.
    الرجاء اعطائنا عرض لشركتنا بااسرع وقت ممكن.
    مشكور قبل كل شيئ

  12. Marcos

    Bitte senden sie mir ein Angebot für 500000 tonnen Zucker icumsa 45 crystal in 5x 100000 nach mersin turkei

  13. اسماعيل ابحث عن سكر 45 واصل الي فنزويلا ميناء كاراكاس

    الكمية اذا علي الميناء كاراكاس فنزويلا او من خلال حدود فنزويلا البرازيل من مدينة بوافيستا اسم المعبر باكارايما في البرازيل وسانتا الينا في أول مدينة داخل فنزويلا وشكرا

  14. Hany Hassan Tolba

    ⚠️⚠️⛔⛔Price inquiry for 500,000 TON of Brazilian Cumsa45®️ sugar includes shipping to China.. ⛔⛔⚠️⚠️

  15. Pasteur


    Je veux acheter du sucre Icumsa 45 d’origine du Brésil pour différentes quantités. Merci de nous contacter pour nous faire des offres.


    • lansgrupo


  16. Bryan

    موجود شحن لديكم او لا ؟

  17. Sela LLC

    توجد كميه متاحه في البرازيل 50 الف طن للمعلومات

  18. Ahmed haider

    الرجاء الافادة عن ارقام التواصل

  19. aliou

    je veux 25 000MT de sucre icumsa 45.


    Siamo un’azienda con sede in Turchia e abbiamo bisogno di zucchero icumsa 45/.Quindi potresti inviarci il tuo miglior preventivo come prezzo FOB in cambio? E per favore aiutami a citarmi in base al tuo MOQ

    Grazie per l’attenzione prestata e non vedo l’ora di sentirti presto!

    I migliori saluti Carmen Bog

  21. Ndeye Niang

    Bonjour. Nous sommes intéressés pour une commande de 2000 tonnes de sucre icumsa 45. Merci de nous faire une offre.

  22. Benny

    We want to purchase 37,500 tons of white icumsa 45 sugar. We want a quote for the arrival price (CIF) in China.

  23. Kiril Antonov

    Hello give me a price for one hundred thousand tons delivered to port Istanbul Turkey
    then an annual contract for 50 thousand tons every month

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