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Bavaria B52 Energy Drink 250ml (Case of 24)

(6 customer reviews)

Bavaria B52 Energy Drink 250ml for sale. B52 is a typical energy drink with its own distinctive character · A high caffeine content and added vitamins · Sweets and overripe fruit aroma.


B52 Energy Drink 250ml

B52 Energy Drink 250ml (Case of 24) for sale. B52 is a typical energy drink with its own distinctive character. An energy drink with taurine, a high caffeine content and added vitamins. Golden in colour, clear. An aroma that reminds you of sweets and overripe fruit, fruity and sweet. The flavour is predominantly sweet with a sweet-like fruitiness that reminds you of cherries and pineapple sweets with hints of vanilla. It has a light acidity, cursory and sweet in aftertaste.

Each order comes with 24 x Bavaria B52 Energy Drink 250ml.

Beer/soft drink type: energy drink
Alcohol percentage %: 0.0 vol.
Serving temperature : 3 degrees
Kcal/100 ml: 45
Aroma/Odour: Confectionery and overripe fruit
Flavour: Confectionery, tropical fruit, vanilla
Fermentation: Soft drink with added carbonation, no fermentation
Colour: golden coloured, EBC: 10
Clarity: clear
Bitterness: N/A
Texture: carbonated
Sweetness: 5/5

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Energy drink with a clear distinct character. A clear, bright golden coloured energy drink with caffeine, taurine and added vitamins. Sweet, refreshing and bubbly with hints of vanilla, sugared pineapple and cherries. Mild acids provide a counterpoint and keep the flavours in balance. B52 is thirst-quenching, refreshing, sweet and full of energy. B52 Energy Drink 250ml For Sale.
Packing Details:
– Bavaria Energy Drink 250ml:
– 24 Cans per Case
– 108 Cases per Pallet
– 26 Pallets (2,808 Cases) per 20ft
– 32 Pallets (3,456 Cases) per 40ft

Though red bull energy drinks aren’t all bad, coffee is the better choice. The potential health benefits and the ability to restrict the number of additives when it comes to coffee outweigh the trace amounts of nutrients and sugar crash usually associated with hell energy drinks.

6 reviews for Bavaria B52 Energy Drink 250ml (Case of 24)

  1. Mark Stefan

    I would like to get 6 cases of B52 energy drink. I like in Fort Myers Florida United States. Thanks

  2. Jaber

    Can u offer me cotation for 20ft B52
    Cif casablanca

  3. Jaber

    Still wating for answer

  4. Saddac elkaabouni

    Zou graag een prijs willen voor 32 pallets export naar marokko

  5. Mustapha

    Bebida energetica b52 26 palet 120×100

  6. Donjela Sallaj

    Volevo ordinare b52 come faccio

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