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Africa Tali Wood Logs

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Africa Tali Wood Logs, Supply African Timber, Sawn Timber and Lumber Tali Iroko, Sapele, Ayous, Okan, Tali, Light Okoume, Dabema and Padouk for Engineered Wood Flooring Furniture.

Price: $380 USD per m3

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Africa Tali Wood Logs

Africa Tali Wood Logs for sale. Tali wood is also known as Sasswood. These kinds of wood are found in brown-yellow to brown-red in colour. Tali is a tropical species native to sub-Saharan Africa and known for its resistance to wear and tear. Tali Logs is a very durable timber, which is used, for example, in the construction of frameworks exposed to bad weather, with the undeniable advantage that it does not need to be treated.

Wholesale Sapele, Ayous, Okan, Tali, Light Okoume, Dabema and Padouk

These woods are of Grades AA, AB and BB. The logs are of very good quality and it is free of Rots and all other wood infections. We are looking for buyers around the world to exports the following African Hardwood and ESawn Timber; Mahogany, Padauk, Sapelli, Dabema, Ayous wood, tali, Okan,  and other hard and softwood logs, Sawn timber, Lumber,decking materials.
We do supply our products at very moderate prices. We supply Sawn timber, rough sawn timber, bulks, planed timber, square edged, cant, sleeper. The origin of timber is Cameroon, Congo etc. Quantity – any. we export hard wood of many species both logs and lumber.
We supply in bulk and large amounts of quantity, if have any interests, we are ready to carry out business with serious and ready persons and companies. We offer the best and high quality sawn wood product for Europe and all over the world.

1 Hardwood Logs and sawn Timber
2. Size: According Customer
3. Type: Logs and sawn Timber
4. Color: Natural
5. Character: Durable

Length: 2200, 2600mm, 2900mm, 4000mm, 4250mm, 4300mm, 4500mm, 4800mm, 5985mm

As for dimensions are you need, we can offer any size to customer’s dimension and some of our standard dimension are:

Product Saw Logs Type of species European Softwood Species Spruce (Picea abies)
Volume5000 – 50000 m3 per monthDiameter30+ cmLength11.80 mQualit yABC Description Fresh cut Price & Conditions
Incoterm CIF – goods sold with transport included to a certain place. Sells Africa Tali Wood Logs: Worldwide

Contact us now for more details about our Tali Wood quality, Specification, Grade, Measurements, Africa Tali Wood Logs etc.,

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  1. Berghich

    I’m Berghich im from Algeria ineed wood brom stick
    Madri 15/76 38/15

    27/10 tol 3.60 4.80 3.30
    On veut du bois rouge 1,20, 2,40, 3,60, 4,80, 10 cm de large, 2,7 cm de haut et ce sera des nœuds
    Tlf 00213550562687

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